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Art & Wellbeing: The Peaceful Paintbrush 
Original Paintings, Art Classes, Meditation, Cacao,
Vegan Art Supplies & Music, Chichester, West Sussex, UK

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Artwork By ©LukeFarleyWebb ©JoanneFarleyWebb

FREE Creative Confidence Toolkit

A FREE PDF toolkit which shows you how to

Reframe and Rewire so you can Rewild as a creative

Creativity is a sacred call from within, an invitation to a soulful conversation. Place your hand on your heART & give yourself creative permission...


Painter, Guide & Soulful Creative

Joanne Farley-Webb is a contemplative artist and creative medicine guide with classical training from the Royal Academy Schools in London, UK. Joanne's creative practice is intricately woven with Meditation, Kirtan chanting, the gentle guidance of heart-centered mindful creativity, and the deeply introspective process of soul-led artworks. 

Allow my paintings, workshops, weekly insights, and courses to ignite inspiration, foster creativity, and guide you in connecting

with your inner artist.

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Reclaim your creative purpose & heART connection

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Creativity has been my guiding light, a constant companion that has nurtured my inner world through life's ever-changing terrain. It has offered solace and love during moments of unease, loss, and pain and in times of joy, bliss, and inner peace.

Now, I extend this beacon of creativity to you, inviting you to share in its healing embrace. My artistic journey has been profoundly influenced by my experiences living and working with the Oglala Lakota at the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana in 1998 and my ongoing studies in Buddhism. These experiences have instilled a deep sense of interconnectedness, resilience, and growth within my work.

In 2021, I embraced my calling and rebranded as 'The Peaceful Paintbrush,' securing Arts Council Funding and collaborating with 10 local mental health partnerships and Chichester GPS services as part of Social Prescribing NHS Innovation, I have been able to create a meaningful impact on the community.

I envision creativity as a healing balm, a medicine that soothes the soul. To share this with the world, I have created my own range of Vegan paints and cultivated a creative online apothecary where individuals can reconnect with their inner artist and find a little inner peace in their own practice.

As an artist and mentor, I am devoted to empowering others to awaken their creative spirit.


Through my original art, introspective workshops, and online offerings, I hold space for individuals to explore their creativity and form connections within our shared creative journey.

Fill your spaces
with my original paintings that change in different light.

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"It was a blissful way to explore and try out something. It has evoked a sense of exploring ‘my way’ of intuitive painting further, and awakening new layers of colour to my life, and adding new layers of discovery and connection to myself’’

Deborah - Art, Meditation & Happiness workshop / 2022

Image by Kari Shea ©JoanneFarleyWebb

My one-to-one sessions, group workshops, online courses, and monthly Sunday music well-being events inspired by Kirtan aim to promote inclusivity, enhance creativity, and welcome individuals of diverse artistic backgrounds, painting experiences, and creative aspirations.

Absence Of Clouds 
Mindful Painting
One to One Session
Music & Cacao

Embark on a holistic journey of relaxation and creative calm with a one-on-one, intuitive, free-flowing painting and mindfulness session. Immerse yourself in soothing, beautiful music and enjoy a cup of warm Cacao. If you're seeking relaxation and a well-being boost, I invite you to join me for a blissful session designed to cultivate inner peace and harness the transformative power of creativity for mental health!


Reminders, roadmaps, framework
+ Essential coaching tools to support your
creative practice... ©JoanneFarleyWebb

I’ve planted empowering creative wellness seeds,
prompts & practical tools all in one space to guide you
on each step of your creative path.  

Online course sneak preview:

Your creative journey is an intricately woven story.

It's a handmade and bespoke blanket and a set of events which were created and set in motion,

just for YOU to share around the collective healing campfire.

Living a soulful creative life can be both ecstatic and challenging at the same time.

Those insightful and life-recalibrating experiences will spark the potent creative power

that resides within you. 


Creativity is a subtle medicine teacher which reveals, affirms and makes us feel whole.

Our connection to creativity gives us a soulful sense of purpose, belonging, roots us and crafts our life gradually over time. 



What is my online Course about?

Whether you cook up culinary delights, paint , sculpt, write, compose, knit cozy garments, plant flourishing gardens, sew intricate designs or engage in any other form of creative expression this course is for YOU!


 It's time to embrace your creative light, tap into your art wisdom, and find your anchor.


Go at your own pace, work anywhere, no video calls, just you on a beautiful journey to deepen your creativity, unearth your authentic voice, and unfurl your divine roots.


Click below to embark on your transformational

and deep reflective online course.

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Connect, sing and have fun!

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Funders, Sponsors & Partnerships 


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 Art Studio

Metro House, Freedom Works, First Floor, Northgate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1BJ

The artist Joanne Farley-Webb ( The Peaceful Paintbrush) retains all artwork / content copyrights. While buyers have permission to display original artwork, they are not permitted to copy, distribute, resell, or reproduce it in any form. This includes ALL my digital content, toolkits and online offerings.

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