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  intricate woven patterns, reflective particles, noetic buddha nature spaces, mediative gold embellishments created from moving streams of consciousness on thin recycled tissue paper

My art is created with the intention of fostering heart-centered connections, making it a meaningful addition to any space dedicated to personal spirituality
and daily sacred practices.

Joanne Farley-Webb (b.1973) studied painting at The Royal Academy Schools, London. Her divine inspired paintings form part of an ongoing intuitive enquiry into well-being and self-transformation, combining elements of non-Eurocentric wisdom practices, such as meditation and devotional teachings, with aspects of Euro-American painting traditions. 


 Her practice is deeply-rooted in a spiritual and soul-led approach to creativity.

The Dharma Paintings are part of a perpetual series of inwardly-focused metaphysical explorations using iridescent metallic mediums–resins and reflective particles which change with the light – to express cosmic or spiritual considerations. The use of colour, form, and composition is purposely designed to infuse surroundings with peace, mindfulness, and depth serving as reminders of our connection to the larger universe

and our own inner wisdom.


Throughout the year, Joanne invites creative individuals to join her in the studio, offering a unique opportunity to work alongside her, have space to focus, and deepen their creative process.


If you wish to apply for this experience or would like to view her paintings, please complete the contact forms below:

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Studio Contact


Studio Location

 Freedomworks, Metro House, Northgate, Chichester, West Sussex,  PO19 1BJ

Studio Opening Hours

Summer Break Opening Hours - Monday -Friday 8.30am until 2pm
Please use the contact form, call, text or telephone 07543660185
to schedule a studio visit.

Credit cards are accepted for art purchases.

Social Media

Please note from August 2024 I will not be on any social media due
to my studio practice. 

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