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  • Finest Professional Handmade Watercolours

  • Highly Pigmented
  • Beautifully Vibrant
  • Hand-Picked Kordofan Gum Arabic
  • Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin & a touch of Preservative.
  • Handrolled & Handmade in the UK
  • 7 x 14ml Tubes + 30ml Bottle of Iridescent Medium
  • Professional Quality
  • Re-wets quickly and easily
  • No animal products in our binder (All Vegan-Friendly)
  • Lightfast


Prana, my first capsule watercolour collection, embodies this sacred essence.


Why “Prana,” you ask?


Let me share the soulful tale behind its name.


Prana, in Sanskrit, translates to “life force” or “vital energy.”


It dances through the universe, animating all existence—the breath that sustains galaxies, the heartbeat of creation. As artists, we channel this cosmic flow into our creative practice. Each time we create our practice becomes an invocation,

a bridge between the mundane and the mystical.


Why “Prana”? Because these watercolours are more than hues—they’re conduits.


Each colour was chosen to represent our seven chakras. They carry the sun’s warmth, the whisper of ancient forests, and the echo of distant stars. When you dip your brush into “Emerald Embrace,” you infuse your art with the very rhythm of life, a reminder to listen to your heart chakra. “Amythyst Awakening” invites you to dive into the cosmic ocean, your crown chakra is where your imagination knows no bounds and oneness.


And so, dear creators, let “Prana” be your muse. May it awaken dormant galaxies within you, inviting your creative spirit to dance with colour, calm, and inner peace and may you unfurl a moment of well-being...


As you blend, create, dissolve, wash, layer and breathe life onto paper, remember: you’re not merely painting; you’re channelling prana - the breath and the sacred pulse of existence.


Let your creativity flow like the eternal river, and may your art breathe with the universe.

The Prana Collection - Professional Vegan Watercolour Set + Iridescent Medium


    Crown Chakra



    Amethyst Awakening
    Third Eye Diox Violet Indigo Intuition
    Throat Chakra Cobolt Teal Lapis Illumination
    Heart Chakra Viridian Green Emerald Embrace
    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Cadmium Yellow


    Radiant Happiness
    Sacral Chakra Marigold Marigold Creatrix
    Root Chakra Permanent Rose Crimson Ground
    Soul Star Chakra



    Soul Star Iridescent


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